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five women meet to determine the name of their dream, a franchised wedding cinematography business. a business where they can film love stories in stylish, innovative, and non-invasive ways. the kinds of films that motivate emotion and people want to watch over and over. the kinds of films that bring family and friends a little closer together. having solidified the vision of the business, it was time to call it something. but what?

each of these ladies brought unique talents to the table. ayana, the visionary CEO, can always be counted on for the big picture ideas. afia, the magnificent marketer, eloquently illustrates the purpose of the work and is an awesome taskmaster. daphne, the operations guru, possesses a unique talent for streamlining tasks so the simple elegance of the process shines through brilliantly. elissa, the communication wizard, finds ways to convey the essence of their collective dream. and beth the ultimate filmmaker is gifted with the ability to look at life and capture the perfect moments in her camera lens.

in an era of “sisters doing it for themselves” this all-female cast is doing just that. mulling over the naming possibilities, two common themes emerge—love and film.

“how about love+film?”, elissa, the wordsmith, says, “it’s all in the name.” in silence, the group took a few seconds to allow the idea to take root before simultaneously agreeing.

and with its name in place, love+film is born.